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Guild owner: Yuno Show Time

Yuno Show Time (Quent)
NetaoSAMA (Jocyanno)
Rhaz Mythos (Zel)
ThiagoKINGzerouGameONLINE (Thiago)
Anak Zahard (Quent)
AnGelISBACK (Nicolas)
Asdazccx (Quent)
Bills The Anubis (Jocyanno)
Boku Dake (Quent)
Bulma Paralyze Army (Quent)
CalveTKIN (Jocyanno)
CalvetParalyzeYOU (Jocyanno)
Cascaa (Quent)
Echidna (Quent)
EmYLV (Quent)
Endorsi Jahad (Quent)
Ermack (Jocyanno)
Explosion Three (Zenno)
FelipeKinGRushMAX (Quent)
FelipeTRAVALYZE (Quent)
Garam Zahard (Quent)
Guiii Celestial (Quent)
Guiii Monstrao (Quent)
Guiii Trabson (Quent)
Guiii Trava You (Quent)
Guiii Ziikadobaile (Quent)
GuiiiRULLEX (Quent)
Guizin Hakaishin (Quent)
Guizin Kamikadze (Quent)
GuizinDARKSIDE (Quent)
GuizinPARAMAX (Quent)
Hannibal Hitto (Quent)
Iam Mannax (Quent)
Infinity Galaxy (Ton)
JaayS (Quent)
Jared Downey (Quent)
Jared Murdock (Quent)
Jared Russo (Quent)
Jared The King (Quent)
Jared Winter Soldier (Quent)
King Lagertha (Zenno)
King Ragnarr (Zenno)
Lenda Das Lyze (Quent)
Licht (Quent)
Mandy Muse (Quent)
Mannax Lks (Quent)
Mannax Own (Quent)
ManowCoruja (Quent)
Matuue (Quent)
Meos Ovos (Jocyanno)
MeuuSAACO (Quent)
Mikasaa Ackerman (Quent)
Mimir (Quent)
Mybadminhaa (Quent)
Mystic Abuse
Netao Frenetico (Jocyanno)
Netao Jamaicano (Jocyanno)
Netao Sofietico (Best Jojo)
Niikitao Impostor (best jojo)
Nuflow (best jojo)
Paikuh\'an (best jojo)
Panamericanu (best jojo)
Princessss Zahard (best jojo)
Prtsc Sysrq (Quent)
Przywodztwo Bjergsen (Zenno)
Przywodztwo Tanso (Quent)
Przywodztwo Theusz (Quent)
Pussy Pussy (Quent)
RedHotChiliPeppers (Quent)
Rize Kamishiro (Quent)
Rize Kamishiroo (Quent)
Robo Sem Dedo (Quent)
RuAnPaRaLyZaVoCe (best jojo)
Schierke (Quent)
Soja Goodv (Zenno)
Space Bouund (Quent)
Stainless (Quent)
Tahmoh Penikett (Quent)
The Target (Quent)
Theusz Bugado (Quent)
Theusz Duboldo (Quent)
Theusz Psico (Zenno)
TheuszBugado (Quent)
Theuszzz (Quent)
Tipo Shakira (Quent)
Top Dabalada (Quent)
Toptoppo (Quent)
ToreyPudwiLL (Quent)
Trakinas Here (Carlos D)
Twitch Green (Zenno)
Valhalla (Zenno)
VelhoSABIO (Quent)
Yunie Zahard (best jojo)
Yuno Abuser (Quent)
Yuno Aka Trovao (Quent)
Yuno Asmodeus (Quent)
Yuno Black (Quent)
Yuno Bugado (Quent)
Yuno Come Kentinho (Quent)
Yuno Come Quentinho (Quent)
Yuno Crazzy (Quent)
Yuno Deus (Quent)
Yuno Dog Mal (Quent)
Yuno Dreyar (Quent)
Yuno Dubai (Quent)
Yuno Fodiku (Quent)
Yuno Fuck You (Quent)
Yuno Ixtrupacu (Quent)
Yuno Kondzilla (Quent)
Yuno Lyze Monster (Quent)
Yuno Mata Rindo (Quent)
Yuno Mata Semrb (Quent)
Yuno Medi House (Quent)
Yuno Mitico (Quent)
Yuno Never Lost (Quent)
Yuno Owna (Quent)
Yuno Robot Men (Quent)
Yuno Sad Boys (Quent)
Yuno Silence You (Quent)
Yuno Spank You (Quent)
Yuno Stalker (Quent)
Yuno Supreme (Quent)
Yuno The Monster (Quent)
Yuno Tipo Mafioso (Quent)
Yuno Tirasga (Quent)
Yuno Wonderful (Quent)
YunoSTRESSER (Quent)
Yuri Zahard (Quent)
Yuuki Blitzcrank (Quent)
Yuuki Careca (Quent)
Yuuki Cientista (Quent)
Yuuki Divine (Quent)
Yuuki Father (Quent)
Yuuki Golden (Quent)
Yuuki Guarana (Quent)
Yuuki Healer (Quent)
Yuuki Love (Quent)
Yuuki Maravilhosa (Quent)
Yuuki Mata Rindo (Quent)
Yuuki Monkey (Quent)
Yuuki Nee (Quent)
Yuuki Negeba (Quent)
Yuuki Never Lost (Quent)
Yuuki Nii (Quent)
Yuuki Paralyza (Quent)
Yuuki Supreme (Quent)
Yuuki Sword Hit (Quent)
Yuuki Trinity (Quent)
Yuuki Tsunami (Quent)
YuuKiDeliveryLANCHES (Quent)
YuuKiFUSION (Quent)
YuuKiIMORTAL (Quent)
YuuKiISBACK (Quent)
YuuKiSzJurandir (Quent)
YuuKiSzRafinha (Quent)
YuuKiSzZomBie (Quent)
YuuKiTHEKING (Quent)
YuuKl (Quent)
ZennoAWAKE (Zenno)


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